By Dr. Brian McDonough

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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For a person who has to deal with arthritis in the knee, travel can be quite difficult. Instead of looking forward to people to see and new experiences, worries can mount about the pain and discomfort ahead. However, with some careful planning and travel tips, you can send pain packing and focus on making new memories.

There is one suggestion I have for everyone with joint pain: take breaks.

Plan to stop every two hours to get out of the car, stretch, and move around and stop more often if you experience pain. Remember, sitting for long periods of time can stress your muscles.

One other thing – if you are driving to your destination, if possible, travel with someone so you can take turns driving. When you’re resting, push the passenger seat back and move and stretch to stay comfortable.

Make adjustments. Before hitting the road, carefully adjust your seat, mirrors, and steering wheel so you’re as comfortable as possible.

Plan ahead – it can really help you deal with the pain.