By Suzanne Monaghan

By Suzanne Monaghan 

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — The threat of Lyme disease increases during summer months. And according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the number of cases in the state has increased by 25-percent from 2013-2014.

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Bob lives in a wooded area of Delaware County and knows all too well about the threat of Lyme disease.

“My daughter had it,” the Delaware County homeowner said. “She had it twice, and the first time we didn’t see the bull’s-eye rash, it was in her hair.”

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And while a bull’s-eye rash is a well-known sign for Lyme disease, not everyone gets one and the symptoms of the disease can vary, making it hard to detect and diagnose.

“She was lethargic,” said Bob. “And every joint hurt her and she couldn’t get off the couch so we said, what’s going on and we took her to the doctor’s and she said you better get her checked out for Lyme.”

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Pennsylvania has been the number 1 state for Lyme cases for the past 3 years. Health officials say the threat is serious and people should check themselves daily for ticks because removing them within 24 hours can significantly reduce the risk of contracting Lyme or other tick-borne illnesses.