By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is known for many things, including its rich history.

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But does the city get enough international recognition?

Julia Pierson says, “It does not get enough credit. We were walking last night and I said, ‘I think Philadelphia is almost like a mini-New York.'”

“If I want to see something about America, I would rather come here and there and look at the Liberty Bell than anywhere else,” says Tripp Petzel.

Philadelphia could get a boost in tourism if it is named a World Heritage City.

Mayor Nutter says, “It’s exciting for us to be considered, but I think it is also recognition just how great Philadelphia is from an historical stand point, as well as current events.”

There are more than 250 cities on the elite list, but none are in the U.S.

Mayor Nutter is pushing to change that.

He is getting support from the international community.

“Mayor Gali of Puebla publicity announced his support for us, as well as Mayor Mancera from Mexico City.”

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Getting on the list would mean getting more tourists.

Luke Kupsey says, “Right now we are going to the Betsy Ross house.”

“Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, it’s so beautiful here,” adds Stewart Watson.

“You know when people travel everybody has their own kind of bucket list, many people do want to see world heritage sites,” says Meryl Levitz.

Levitz is the CEO of Visit Philly.

She says the city has more to offer than just its history.

“It’s not only the founding of the nation, it is what we’ve done with art, culture and green spaces, it’s the total mix.”

We will find out sometime in November of Philly will be chosen as the first World Heritage City here in the U.S.

Mayor Nutter hopes the Pope’s visit in September will give the city an edge.

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“Or even the Dalai Lama receiving the liberty medal in October, I don’t know if those things influence but they certainly can’t hurt.”