By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A lawyer in Massachusetts who specializes in drunk driving cases was charged with OUI after a passenger in the boat he was captaining fell out and sustained life threatening injuries including losing an arm in the accident.

When we think of drunk driving, we think of someone who is driving a car after drinking too much alcohol. Actually, the laws are much broader because the incident doesn’t have to involve alcohol – you can be in violation of the law if you’re driving after taking illegal, legally prescribed, or even over-the-counter drugs if you are impaired because of them.

And, you don’t have to be driving a car. You simply have to be operating (the “o” in OUI) a motor vehicle while impaired, and the motor vehicle has included people who’ve been arrested while operating motorcycles, riding lawnmowers, a Zamboni (that was in Canada, unsurprisingly) a jet ski or, in the case in Massachusetts, a boat.

Now that the weather is nice and you have ample opportunity to imbibe and then captain your transportation of choice, remember that no matter your day job, your off duty recreation should be to think OUI – “we” will call you a cab.