Beth Ann Mumford from Americans For Prosperity spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT morning host Chris Stigall about Governor Tom Wolf’s veto of a liquor privatization bill for Pennsylvania.

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The fact that the state is running our liquor system should be offensive to everybody. It’s just not the proper role of government. There was a chance to separate booze and state and make sure that consumers have more choices in the market place. We all know that competition and that free market activity tends to lower cost and increase choices for consumers and the governor decided that wasn’t a path that he wanted to pursue, which is surprising coming from a business background you’d think that he knew the basics of economics.”



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According to Mumford, Wolf reasoned his veto with the thought that it would have lead to higher costs.

“The economists don’t believe that and anybody who has gone to another state where liquor is sold on the private market, knows that private provide greater choice, lower prices and much more opportunities for consumers. The other thing is it would have helped us in terms of managing our state budget. There are a lot of costs that go into paying employees and running that system and the state could have gotten out from underneath that and really focused on some of its core mission and core jobs, rather than controlling what adults buy.”

She points out the number of Pennsylvania residents that live near the border of the state that travel into another state in order to save money on their alcohol with a wider selection to chose from.

“If we were to get the state out of running the system, not only would we save that money in the state budget, but ideally people would make those purchases in state we would drive greater economic opportunity here. “

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