Doylestown, Pa. (CBS) — A formal ground breaking, this week, on a monument outside the new Bucks County Justice Center honors everyone whose lives were affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The monument features a 20-foot I-beam from the rubble of the World Trade Center, which was acquired by the Travis Manion Foundation and granted to the County.

“There’s a lot of symbolism around the groundwork around it,” said Foundation president Ryan Manion Borek, “but it’s truly breathtaking to just see this 20-foot, two ton I-beam just stretched straight up into the air.”

The monument is called “Renew. Resolve. Remember.” in honor of military members and veterans, first responders, also 9-11 attack victims and their families – many, Manion Borek says, from Bucks County,

“So I think it’s truly fitting to have this permanent reminder right at our county seat of those that gave our lives.”

The monument costs about $250,000, Manion Borek says they’re still working to raise the final $75,000.