By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Phillies broadcaster Larry Andersen joined Josh Innes and Tony Bruno on Wednesday afternoon to discuss some of the latest news surrounding the team following a week of announcements.

Andersen first touched on the team’s decision to hire Andy MacPhail to take over as Team President when this season comes to an end. He is currently serving as a special assistant to current President Pat Gillick.

“I think he’ll probably be some hands on a fair amount,” said Andersen of MacPhail’s leadership style. One of the biggest questions for MacPhail is how will he change or run the Phillies’ rebuild.

LISTEN: Larry Andersen discusses the Phillies with Josh Innes and Tony Bruno

With the trade deadline approaching, the Phillies have maintained that major roster decisions, such as trading away Cole Hamels, will remain under the jurisdiction of Gillick and Ruben Amaro Jr., but it is fair to wonder whether or not MacPhail will have input since he is already in the building.

“I would think Andy would be a big part of that,” Andersen said of dealing a player like Hamels.

Trading away a player of Hamels’ caliber will signal the Phillies commitment to the future of the franchise. Bruno received some opinions from callers after stating that he believed the Phillies were closer to becoming a respectable team than the Sixers, despite being the worst team in baseball and with most of their older players still on the field everyday.

Andersen weighed in with how far away he thinks the Phillies are from getting back on track.

“I really don’t think it’s that far off,” Andersen said. “I think J.P. Crawford is doing a great job as he moves up. Some young arms, obviously [Aaron] Nola,” Andersen said as he rattled off some of the more promising prospects.

“These are guys that I think will help change things. I don’t want to say it’s four or five years down the road. I think it’s sooner than that.”