By Justin Udo

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Last night, the United States women’s soccer team won their World Cup semi-final match against Germany. Many fans from around the area gathered at their favorite watering holes to watch that game.

When The US women’s team clenched their 2-0 victory over Germany, just about all of the 300 fans packed into Fado’s Irish pub in Center City erupted with joy.

“We held it together, it’s the American spirit: think tough, play defense and chip it out.”

“They stayed strong, it was tough. They’re not the number two, They’re number one.”

“I thought that it was an amazing performance.”

And what do they think of the women’s chances in Sunday’s championship?

“I think it’s a lock, I think it’s game over,” said one fan. “This team’s got a lot of heart, so I really like their chances.”

“I think we got it, I have no doubt about it,” said another.

The U.S women play that championship game Sunday against the winner of Japan and England.

In 2011, the US women lost their last trip to the world cup finals when they played Japan.