By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Do the Sixers have a dilemma on their hands following their third straight drafting of a big man as their top pick? Yes. However, it is time to stop making something out of nothing.

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Some people are grasping for any sign they can that Jahlil Okafor does not want to be a Sixer, when Okafor himself has given no indication of that. They say he doesn’t want to be here because he seemed soft-spoken and to the point when he was questioned after the selection.

What isn’t being referenced is that he is always like that. Okafor has been in the spotlight for years and is not phased by the bright lights. Sorry if he isn’t all giddy about something he has been expecting for years.

On Sunday, just to further push a made up narrative, a Vine video made its way through Sixers nation showing Okafor dropping his Sixers jersey during Saturday’s introductory press conference.

Here is the Vine that has us all panicking:

Speculation followed. Did Okafor drop his generic photo shoot jersey on the floor? What does it all mean. He hates Philadelphia!

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Let’s all relax. The Vine is teaching us all a serious lesson about perception. Because there is no visible table in the Vine video, we don’t know where Okafor dropped the jersey, and even if we assumed a table was there, we can’t see it and don’t know how far down the table is.

The nonchalant drop by Okafor, coupled with not being able to see the table, makes it seem way worse than it really is.

Take a look at the video above this post. In it, you can see Okafor’s hands, the jersey and the table.

Does it look as bad as the Vine? No, clearly it doesn’t.

Here is another look at the raw video:

Why are we torturing ourselves over this pick? Okafor has not once said he doesn’t want to be a Sixer, in fact…

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Instead of working Sixers fans up into a panic over speculation, how about we take Okafor at his word and enjoy having one of the best young prospects in the draft on our team.