By Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Damian Tracy works at CBS 3. He’s a friend, and a colleague, and at home, he’s a dad.

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He adopted eight-month-old Elena, clear blue eyes and all, just after she was born.

Damian says, “To be able to witness her learn and grow…It’s phenomenal.”

But today, perhaps his most significant title is in his role as a husband. He married his long-time partner Brian last year in Philadelphia, not long after same sex marriage became legal in Pennsylvania

Brian Veasy says, “Prior to getting married I actually didn’t think it would make a difference at all, I mean we had been together for 17 years, but afterwards I felt completely different.”

Damian adds, “To be able to say that you’re married solidifies things in a way that everyone universally understands.”

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The joy he and Brian felt that day will now be repeated over and over again across the country, in men and women for whom, not long ago, that joy may have felt impossible because of where they live.

One 5-4 vote later, and things changed so fast, both for those in relationships already and those still discovering who they are.

Damian says, “Young people that haven’t come out yet probably just feel a lot safer knowing that there is something familiar in their future.”

And it’s a familiar future that awaits Elena. Her two doting dads so clearly enamored with their little girl.

And when she’s old enough to realize who her parents are, Damian and Brian are glad that day will come in a more inclusive society.

Brian says, “To think that twenty years from now she’ll think it was crazy that it was even a question.”

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For now though, they’ll just focus on helping her learn to walk.