3:00 The Supreme Court upheld a major portion of the Affordable Care Act today.

3:52 The Philly Tall Ships festival will feature a giant rubber duck.

4:00 Apple has pulled Civil War games from the iTunes store.

4:01 New York Post: Gone With the Wind should go the way of the Confederate flag.

4:19 FOX News Host Greg Gutfeld said Rush Limbaugh is absurd to think the American flag will be banned like the Confederate flag.

4:21 Louis Farrakhan has called for the American flag to come down.

4:26 The head of the Black Panthers is Charleston said blacks should continue to kill slave owners.

4:38 Every episode of Seinfeld is now available on Hulu plus.

4:53 The New York Times reported that more murders have been committed in America by homegrown terrorists than jihadis.