By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Among the tall ships in the Parade of Sail, arrayed today along the Delaware River, is a schooner that once belonged to Gen. George Patton.

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Amid onlookers on both sides of the river, the 63-foot schooner When And If joined the parade of sail.  Captain Seth Salzmann says the When And If was originally custom-built for Gen. Patton, who later led the US Seventh Army in Europe during World War II.

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“What he said was, ‘When the war is over, and if I survive, Bea and I are sailing around the world.’  And although he did get to sail the boat, he didn’t get to sail it around the world.”

Salzmann says his dream is to fulfill Patton’s dream.  But before she sails around the world, she’s sailing around the Delaware River.


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