3:19 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul agreed with South Carolina Governor’s Nikki Haley’s request that the Confederate flag be removed.

3:22 Walmart and other companies have decided to stop selling the Confederate flag.

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3:28 Rush Limbaugh thinks the American flag will be scrutinized like the Confederate flag next.

3:41 On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and David Corn discussed the latest statements by the Pope on guns.

3:47 Rich talks with Erika Clemens from Americans for Prosperity in New Jersey about the state’s pension crisis.

4:02 NBC has canceled ‘Hannibal.’

4:19 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is telling Republicans to drop their push for liquor privatization during budget negotiations.

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4:33 Rich talks to Ed Rendell about the shooting in South Carolina and the debate over removing the Confederate flag.

4:50 Rich talks with Chip Sebastian from Sting about the liberal media’s assault on jellyfish.

5:21 Rich talks with La Salle University’s Ed Turzanski about NATO’s decision to move more heavy artillery into Eastern Europe to confront provocations from Russia.

5:34 Many media outlets are calling Jurassic World sexist.

5:51 Piers Morgan says white people who use racial slurs should go to jail.

5:52 The Washington Post: A History of the ACLU Defending the Confederate Flag, the Tea Party, the KKK, and Rush Limbaugh.

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5:53 Phillies fans have the second worst grammar in baseball.