By Vince Quinn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’ve been paying attention to the MLB’s All-star voting you’ll notice that Royals fans are stuffing the ballot box. They have eight of the starting ten players in the AL lineup. We should be doing the same shameless voting for the Phillies.

The logic is simple really. As fans rarely do you have a chance to truly be heard. Sure, someone can refuse to go to games and buy jerseys, but the impact is minimal. Voting the entire team into the All-Star game is a rare chance to directly impact the organization.

Imagine being pushed into the middle of a dance circle. Being put unwillingly into the spotlight can be embarrassing. Imagine the embarrassment of the front office then when the worst team in baseball, their team, is placed at the center of national attention. The shame would be powerful and—ideally—force widespread change.

Yes, you the fan can finally make a difference and the opportunity should not go unappreciated. However, hardly anyone votes for president…why vote for the Phillies? Allow me to jog your memory.

Remember the Hunter Pence debacle?

Remember accidentally trading Domingo Santana?

Remember being called an idiot by the organization that’s wronged you!?

Show them you’re angry. VOTE!

Unorthodox? Yes, but the goal is entirely possible and easy to do. The Phillies have a massive fanbase that, thanks to, can drop 35 legal votes in as fast as five minutes. Seriously.

I went through the process myself.

Now let’s say the campaign works (you guys are the best!) and the entire starting line-up is full of Phillies. Would they play? Most likely not, but that’s not the point. The whole idea, as I said earlier, is to show our displeasure with the front office.

That’s the other thing. This is exclusively about the front office. By voting the players as a whole no lone player is being unfairly blamed for a situation that management caused. None of the players on the team are at fault for choosing to play professional baseball. The front office is responsible for letting them.

Do the right thing! Be a force for change! VOTE.

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