3:01pm- Former Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal told Today that the Caitlyn Jenner story resonated with her.

3:15pm- Rich is joined by Rich Weinstein to discuss Obamacare and what impact the King vs. Burwell Supreme Court case will have.

3:37pm- In the 1990’s Donald Trump tried to remove an elderly woman from her Atlantic City home so that he could build a parking garage at his casino.

3:51pm- Trump discusses Oprah Winfrey being a potential Vice Presidential candidate.

4:09pm- Following criticisms, Trump calls Charles Krauthammer a loser while on Fox & Friends.

4:38pm- Don Lemon thinks that political correctness has become dangerous and that liberals are the biggest offenders.

5:01pm- Save Jersey’s Founder and Blogger-in-Chief, Matt Rooney, joins Rich to discuss an effort being made by West Deptford Democrats that would make picketing outside of Senate President Steve Sweeney’s home illegal.

5:13pm- Cursing in Arlington Virginia could cost you up to $250.

5:25pm- California University is banning soda sales on it’s campus.

5:36pm- Would you buy a house that is receiving letters from a stalker who calls himself “The Watcher.”