By Gary R’nel

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Donald Trump is providing America’s electorate with an invaluable service. Recent polls suggest that the public is massively disgusted with the machinations of Washington, DC. Congress’ approval rating hovers around 15 percent according to Gallup and has been near historical lows since late in the George W. Bush presidency. Rasmussen reports that 65 percent believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Several recent polls show that nearly 75 percent of Americans believe politicians are corrupt. The Donald’s rhetoric serves as a temporary reprieve from this malaise.

Legions of pundits truly consider Trump’s response to today’s challenges irrational and impractical. But his engaging, take no prisoners attitude, is the perfect antidote to the measured and consultant scripted comments effusively emanating from the current crop of candidates. Voters are simply fatigued by the insincere platitudes and pabulum fueled by Super Pacs, lobbyists and Wall Street.

Constituents are enamored with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. While both are considered fringe candidates with ideas that seem detached from reality, they collaboratively offer something unique; an honest and transparent message untainted by self aggrandizing external influences.