By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Last year was the summer of our discontent…. Remember how sad some hydrangeas looked? Those old-fashioned big leaf hydrangeas didn’t bloom last year because the winter before was so harsh it froze the flower buds they’d made the previous summer.

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And while this past winter was cold too, it wasn’t quite as bad and now, with warm weather in May and early June, most of our big-leaf hydrangeas are flowering quite nicely. In particular, the reblooming hydrangeas, like the popular ‘Endless Summer’ variety are full of flowers already.

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Which means that by now, if you still see some old brown branches sticking up out of your hydrangea, feel free to cut them off to make things look a little neater. Hydrangeas don’t really need pruning, but you can cut out those old bare sticks without fear.

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If you twist the oldest sticks slightly and they pull out from the base, great! But, if not, just snip the brown branches off, so it looks a little less crazy. Then sit back and enjoy your pretty hydrangea blooms this year.