By Rich Zeoli

3:00 – Rich opens the show with Donald Trump’s recent announcement to run for President of the United States. Whats your opinion? Zeoli also teases a few stories to be discussed throughout the show. FDA policy on trans fat has changed, trans gendered surgery at 18 years old and ex NAACP official, Rachael Dolezal breaks her silence on her resignation from the organization. Rich compares Trump to the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and what he has to offer that the other big Republican canidates don’t.

3:45 – Dr. Gerard Molyneaux, a film professor at LaSalle University, joins the program to talk about the 40th anniversary of “one of the greatest films ever made,” Jaws. Molyneaux goes into some good detail about Hollywood’s perception of the film. The theme song to Jaws is iconic. Molyneaux gives great insight on the use of the music and its relation in the film. Finally, we learn about Alfred Hitchcock’s inspiration to Speildberg’s filming of Jaws.

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4:00 Dave Sager, PFSP, joins the program to promote a 2nd amendment event which informs gun owners the proper way to defend yourself when in a situation when defending yourself with a fire arm. Rich thinks it’s important that gun owners know how defend yourself the correct way. We also hear more audio cuts from Donald Trump’s presidential announcement.

4:20 – Rich can finally take phone calls again..the phones are working again. More Trump hilarity ensues. Rich reads some donations made by Trump to different political candidates, both liberal and conservative. Rich wants to know why Trump, a self spoken conservative, would give money to Harry Reid?

4:35 – Former Govenor Ed Rendell joins the show. He gives his opinion on Hilary Clinton’s campaign event which showed a relatively light supporter turn out. We talk about Jeb Bush’s qualifications and why conservatives have issues with him. Rendell says he has respect for Donald Trump but says Trump’s issue is the way he sometimes makes himself look like a non-serious candidate.

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4:50 – The Pope, who will be visiting Philadelphia later this year, weighed in on global warming and urged the government to embrace climate change. Rich calls out the media for urging Christians to listen to their pope on this liberal issue however, siding against the pope on others.

5:00 – WPHT regular, Rick Grimaldi, joins Rich’s show to talk about the Labor Relation’s Board reckless abandon of certain laws. The NLRB is under fire for siding with a racist union worker after he allegedly shouted slurs at his black colleagues. The NLRB sided with this employee and forced the employer to continue to keep this employee on the payroll. Grimaldi also touches on the FOX29 news anchor story, who was fired for using the N word during a production meeting. 

5:20 – We hear audio clips from ex-NAACP official Rachael Dolezal who stepped down from her position after it has come out that she was born a Caucasian female, but leading a life as a black women. Also, the FDA has announced today that they are banning artificial trans-fat for consumption. 

5:35 – The debate that tackle football is dangerous at any age, both in pee-wee and all the way up to the NFL. A recent article, on, suggests replacing tackle football for youngsters with flag football as tackle football is too dangerous. Zeoli and executive producer Greg Stocker run down the list of other potentially dangerous sports.

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5:50 – Writer and science journalist, Don Lessem, joins Rich to talk about the new Jurassic Park film. Don, who was an adviser to the production crew of the original Jurassic Park, talks about the realism of the dinosaurs in the series.