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By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most people are quite relieved after they are discharged from the hospital. After all, the hospital can be a frightening place for people not used to the environment and heading back to a safe home is a natural source of relief.

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But some people might not be safe when they get home if the paperwork – or computer work – was done poorly at the hospital. They may have the wrong dose of medication or find them selves taking double medication. In fact, a very large study found a significant number of people who are on heart medications make an error on one of their medications in the first few days after hospital discharge.

Medication reconciliation at discharge is a process where patients are supposed to be explained the drugs they are going home with in a thorough fashion. But this is not always done.

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If you are hospitalized and given new medications ask about them and understand them…it can be very confusing and it’s a great idea to get help.