By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As we get a real taste of summer with the first heat wave of the year, we found some people today in “Love Park” (JFK Plaza) trying to stay cool.

People flock to Love Park when the mercury rises.   Swimming and playing in the fountain behind the iconic sculpture is not allowed, but those rules are loosely enforced on days like this, when kids are just looking to get some relief.

Public pools in the city aren’t yet open for the season, so for some cooling off in fountains is the next best thing.

“My daughter wants to get back in, but the security guards told us we had to get out,” said Cornelius (top photo), who was visiting Love Park with his two kids.

But that guard walked away, so it was soon back into the cool water for the kids.  Some were using plastic cups and bottles to splash each other, others were content to just dip their feet in the water.

Antiwan and his friends came to break dance and take an occasional dip to cool down.

“Just enjoying the weather,” he told KYW Newsradio.  “Dancing, having fun, interacting with the youth.  The heat don’t mean nothing.  It just brings us together.  It’s all about positive energy,” he said.

Many of the people here say they have been looking forward to the heat, especially after the record-setting cold weather we had this winter.

This was the first of many days forecast to be in the 90s, but not many people were complaining about the temperature.  Yet.