By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Macy’s Center City celebrated the 20th Annual Wanamaker Organ Day with concerts all day long Saturday.

The grand opening concert in the grand court featured organist Peter Richard Conte.

Some shoppers were pleasantly surprised with the music and others specifically went to the department store for the performance.

Koof Kalkstein was getting reacquainted with the city. He moved back to Philly after living in California for several years.

“Well for me it’s one of the most iconic pieces of Philadelphia,” said Kalkstein. “Whether it’s to go to the Art Museum, to go watch the races on the Schuylkill, to come down here, for me not so much to shop, but to just be in this place where it’s not just a memory but now fun again.

Becky Snow enjoyed the day.

“My mother played the organ and she loved organ music,” said Snow, “So for me it kind of reminds me of her and I know she would have loved to hear this.”

The Wanamaker organ has nearly 29-thousand pipes and is the largest operational organ in the world.