PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police are searching for several suspects in connection with the violent beating and shooting of man on a Northeast Philadelphia street.

The incident happened shortly after 6 a.m. on May 23rd in the 6700 block of Castor Avenue near the Pasa La Hooka Lounge.

Surveillance video shows a large brawl taking place between several males on the street. At one point, one male is knocked to the ground where he is kicked and punched until he was knocked unconscious.

During the assault, investigators say the suspect was shot.

When police arrived, they found several shell casings in the street and a trail of blood leading to the victim’s car.

WATCH: Surveillance Video



Police found the 25-year-old victim in his car. The male was in and out of consciousness and had no recollection of the assault.

He was taken to Torresdale Hospital where he was taken into surgery and listed in stable condition.

Anyone with information about the attack or the assailants is urged to contact police.