By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There really are not a lot of similarities between Tim Tebow and Jameis Winston. They are both quarterbacks. They both played college football in Florida. They both won Heisman trophies.

It pretty much ends there. Winston is regarded as one of the top quarterback prospects in recent years and has serious star potential after being selected first overall by the Buccaneers.

Tebow was seen as a project from his first day in the NFL, has spent the last two years out of football and is hoping to land a third string job with the Eagles.

Despite all of those differences, Louis Murphy, a Buccaneers wide receiver and a former teammate of Tebow’s at Florida, sees a common thread in the two signal-callers.

“I just saw how much of a competitor he is. He competes. He doesn’t like losing,” Murphy said of Winston in a recent interview per “He wants to win and that’s a guy I want to play with. He’s young, kind of similar to Tim Tebow in a way, he just wants to win. He’ll do anything it takes to win.”

It appears that the similarity that Murphy sees is a deep desire to win. You can pick apart the nuances of Tebow’s game all day long, but the reality is that if he makes the Eagles, he won’t be a major factor on the field the majority of the time anyway.

If he winds up just bringing the Eagles another good locker room personality who provides an example of working hard and giving everything you have for the good of the team, he’ll be worth the cost.