By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children hosted its 25th annual Research Day this past week by displaying posters from doctors, residents, nurses, students and staff to showcase their research.

The posters were chock-full of topics, including innovative surgical procedures, pediatric device development, behavioral health, food insecurity and other issues facing children in their care.

Dr. Jane McGowan, the associate chair for research in the Department of Pediatrics, says this project pushes everyone to deliver cutting edge patient care.

“What we’ve seen over the last few years is more of an interest in not only delivering cutting edge care, but delivering it in a way that’s patient-centric that involves the families and looking really closely at long-term outcomes.”

Attending neonatologist Dr. Shadi Malaeb points to their work collaborating with bio-medical engineering at Drexel University to develop a device to look a baby’s brain, when it’s deprived of an adequate oxygen supply.

“A technology that we can put on the head and we can look non-invasively at the amount of brain swelling occurring in real time.”

Tawa: ‘And they literally wear it like a cap?’

Dr. Malaeb: ‘Yes.’

Dr. Malaeb says the aim is to verify that a similar device currently produced for adults can be downsized for infants.

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children sees about 12-15 babies a year that have hypoxic injuries, a lack of oxygen to the brain.