By John McDevitt 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Beer week is underway with events of all sorts on tap. Participants were drinking for nutrition on Saturday at Headhouse Square on South Street.

The Deschutes Brewery bar is 200 feet long and tours from city to city. All of the proceeds from the “street pub” go to the Vetri Foundation’s school nutrition program.

Jennifer Wheeler, director of programs for the Verti Foundation for Children, said the craft beer company picks a charity to support at each of its stops.

“And as one of their altruistic things they do, they chose an organization to support in every city they come too,” Wheeler said. “They chose us.”

The event played music, offered food and “shot-ski,” which is when nine people line up and drink shots of beer. The glasses are attached to a single ski with the object not to spill a drop of the precious brew.