By Nicole Brewer

By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The SEPTA Board is expected to approve the banning today of what they are calling “unacceptable ads” from its buses.

The new advertising policy comes after SEPTA was forced to run anti-islam ads following a court ruling. This didn’t sit well with people, but since SEPTA accepted other political and other controversial ads in the past, a federal judge ruled that the transit authority was legally required to display it. SEPTA did so on 84 buses, receiving a total of $30,000.

That will likely not happen again because today’s vote will actually solidify a ban on ads that have political, controversial or those that criticize a particular person or a group.

The new policy — which is expected to be approved by SEPTA’s board today — would also require an advertiser to pay legal bills caused by reactions to an advertisement.

If the ban moves forward, tobacco and gun ads would also be prohibited.