By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Filmmaker Ann McelHinney spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT morning host Chris Stigall about the conversations that she had with convicted abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell ahead of the movie that she is producing about him.

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“His voice is very soft. It’s very soft, very lyrical and the tone of his voice is very cheerful. He has absolutely no remorse for his actions. In fact, if anything he’s a martyr. He considers himself a martyr. He speaks of himself in extraordinary lofty terms.”

While he has concluded that his life prison sentence is merely temporary, Gosnell proudly spoke of all the time that he is spending at the gym working on “upper body development” and his hopes to partake in a triathlon within a year of his release.

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The in person conversations that McelHinney had with him were exceptionally uncomfortable and “creepy” for her.

“He sat really, really close to me, far too close to me in my personal space, touched my leg continuously and said ‘I’m sorry’ and then continued to touch my leg. He leaned forward, even closer to me and starts singing this French love song, ‘Ne me quitte pas’ (by Jacques Brel)…I think for any normal human being who’s in prison with the prospect of never ever getting out, the idea of being cheerful, continuously smiling, I think is an odd reaction. I think it’s an odd way to be. He has no sense of him being depressed, or unhappy, or down in any way.”

The purpose behind her hours of in person and over the phone conversations with Gosnell was more than just research for her film, but to make sure that what she is doing is right.

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“I just feel like in almost all of the questioning that I gave him, he lied continuously. He lied about everything. There’s no way he forgets Baby Boy A. That photograph was blown up and shown on one of the walls continuously. Of course he knew who that baby was. He just doesn’t care and I needed to sit there and know that and know that we’re representing him correctly in the movie and my god we are. People will remember who this man was. For once it will really be on the record forever.”