3:00 New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney has tabled a bill that would introduce self-service gas stations to the state.

3:02 The FDA is expected to ban trans fat.

3:31 Rich talks with Reason Magazine’s Jesse Walker about Operation Jade Helm.

3:50 ABC News pays George Stephanopoulos $105 million as part of a seven year contract.

4:00 Rich talks to author Ira Stoll about his article on Reason calling for the privatization of Amtrak.

4:36 The New York Times accuses Hillary Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal of attempting to use his access to the former Secretary of State to further business goals in Libya.

4:50 Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says she will stop watching Game of Thrones because of a violent rape scene.

5:01 Two hearse drivers were fired after stopping at a Dunkin Donuts with a veteran’s body.

5:19 A man taking a selfie at Target was accused of being a pedophile.

5:34 Rich talks with attorney Robert Mongeluzzi about a lawsuit he has filed against Amtrak claiming negligence on their behalf in last week’s train derailment.