By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Are you among the millions who feel like they’re not getting enough sleep? Tired all the time? Snoring could be the culprit, whether from you or your partner. CBS 3 health reporter Stephanie Stahl has the top 3 things you can do right away to stop snoring.

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Are you among the 45 percent of Americans who snore at night? Maybe worse, your partner snores. Doctors say it can be more than just a nuisance.

“It can be a first symptom of many underlying medical disorders,” said Dr. Karl Doghramji of the Sleep Disorders Center at Jefferson University Hospital. “It can cause poor sleep. It can cause daytime sleepiness.”

Dr. Doghramji says millions are sleep deprived because of snoring. He helped us identify the top 3 simple things you can do to stop snoring.

Number 1: Avoid drinking alcohol late at night right before you go to bed. Doctors say it can over-relax your throat muscles, making it harder to breathe at night, causing you to snore.

Number 2: Forget regular socks. Try a pair of compression socks.

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“We think that fluid builds up in the body, and when it does that in some people, it contributes to snoring because it makes the throat smaller,” Dr. Doghramji said. “By wearing compression stockings, we can get rid of some of that fluid that’s in the legs.”

Number 3: Change your sleep position. Try to keep your head elevated by stacking a couple of pillows. There’s less snoring when you sleep on your side, so a pillow can keep you from rolling over onto your back. There are devices you can wear on your back that prevent you from rolling over onto your back.

Doctors say snoring can indicate a serious problem that needs to be treated by a doctor. Snoring is the primary symptom of sleep apnea, when people temporarily stop breathing. It can be managed with a CPAP mask, which improves breathing. There are other gadgets like mouth guards that can also help with snoring.

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