Dr. Charles Meusburger, M.D.  practices in Philadelphia and South Jersey. He graduated from University of Rome Medical School and completed his residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Meusburger has over 25 years of experience practicing psychiatry. He is an independent practitioner who specializes in both adult and adolescent psychiatry.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Charles Meusburger, M.D.)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Charles Meusburger, M.D.)

What continuing education is required for your role?  

“As a licensed medical doctor in the state of New Jersey, continuing education requirements are stipulated by the State of Licensure and the Specialty Medical Board(s) that a physician did their residency training in; i.e. NJ, PA and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Continuing education credits are either Category I and/or Category 2 which require 100 total CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) within the 2-year licensure and renewal period. Category I CMEs are more traditional forms of clinical and professional learning activities that must be classified by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and have stipulated content, curriculum, and educational learning objectives. Category 2 CMEs are less structured and by the choice of the physician. They do not have to be verified by a third-party, however, physicians need to keep a record of their Category 2 activities for the number hours obtained.”

Can you describe the duties in your field?

“My duties are to perform psychiatric assessments and evaluation of all patients who chose to be seen for a broad spectrum of psychiatric issues, diagnoses, and treatment. A treatment plan is determined by the clinical indications of the assessment and as agreed upon by the patient. This may include one-to-one talk therapies of different modalities such as cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic or psychoanalytic approaches. Also, if indicated and agreed upon, treatment may entail psychopharmacology appropriate to the clinical condition(s). There are times when it is appropriate to refer patients to area colleagues for services such as sleep studies, electroconvulsive therapy, brain stimulation therapy and other relative clinical assessments and services. Other duties include forensic evaluations for competency, dementia, gastric bypass surgery, organ transplant, hepatitis C treatment, gender sexual surgery, assessment of work capacity, opioid dependence, and treatment and ongoing posttraumatic care as examples.”

How has your education prepared you for your career?

“I could not do what I do without the appropriate medical education. I learned the value and interplay between creative art and expanding science. As people, we are designed to express and manifest both. I was privileged to be educated in Rome, Italy, live in several European locations, travel and be immersed in many cultures and cultural influences, including the language. My residency training was at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, it was the cornerstone of my formal clinical training for my field. Jefferson was the best blend of biological and dynamic training opportunities in the tri-state region which was exactly what I was looking for. They provided me with a top shelf experience and superb clinical and administrative training.”

What advice would you give someone who is pursuing a career in your field?

“Passion first. Determine if you are not just interested in psychiatry but have the patience, talent and discipline to shed your own biases and master an artful science and learn to apply it thoroughly, compassionately and non-judgmentally to all.  It’s a life-long commitment to stay current, modulate yourself, and not take own new biases and/or become “burnt out.”  It takes a lot of time, hard work, and money to master the knowledge and skill; but if you can and do it for the best of reasons, then the rewards of fulfillment and constitution are boundless.”

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