By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — US senator Bob Casey (D-Pa.) paid a visit today to doctors at Temple University Hospital.

The hospital is still treating a dozen injured riders, five of whom remain in critical condition, in the aftermath of Tuesday evening’s Amtrak derailment.

Casey, Pennsylvania’s senior senator, says he deliberately avoided speaking with those still in recovery mode, but talked with physicians about the challenges they faced as dozens of patients came rushing in.

He says he noted one issue of concern going forward:  “Their  emergency room is just not big enough, and they need more space, and they need to have some work done there.”

He also wishes House Republicans would have delayed a vote to reduce Amtrak funding in light of the accident.

Casey calls it “baffling” that the train accelerated as it entered the Frankford Junction curve, but he doesn’t want to speculate on a reason until all the facts are in.