3:00 Buying flowers for Mother’s Day may be bad for the environment.

3:19 Rich talks with syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette about Mark Halperin’s highly criticized interview with Ted Cruz.

3:35 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says he will filibuster the re-authorization of the Patriot Act.

3:38 The Alabama House of Representatives has passed a law allowing home-schooled children participate in after-school activities, like sports.

4:00 Rich talks to comedian Greg Proops about his new book, The Smartest Book in the World.

4:18 The National Guard has paid NFL teams millions of dollars for in-game salutes to soldiers.

4:32 Television networks have announced the cancellation of dozens of shows.

4:51 Boston University has apologized for a professor’s posts on Twitter.

5:07 Saturday Night Live attempted to satire the Muhammed cartoon drawing controversy this week.

5:35 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration has spent over $300k in food and alcohol.

5:41 New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been suspended four games for his role in ‘deflategate.’