By Chris May

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – CBS 3 Eyewitness News spoke with Philadelphia mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham at her campaign headquarters.

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She’s spent more than 40 years shattering glass ceilings in Philadelphia politics at the Redevelopment Authority, as a municipal court judge, then for five terms as District Attorney. And now, Lynne Abraham wants to do it again.

(May:) “You have a legitimate shot at becoming the first woman ever to be elected Mayor of the City of Philadelphia. What do you think that would mean to this city?”

“I’m running for Mayor because I’m the best CEO and the best trusted and proven leader and I also happen to be a woman,” said Lynne Abraham.

A powerful woman, long associated with law enforcement. It’s a mantle she’s not afraid to carry even in the aftermath of Ferguson and Baltimore.

Abraham says as Mayor, she’d tackle Philadelphia’s own problems with racism and race separation by making sure everyone’s concerns are heard.

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“I will go back out to every community as I always have done every week and sit at some community table and listen to whoever wants to speak because they have a voice in my administration,” Abraham said.

She believes the wage tax is too high, that current business taxes make the city less attractive and that pension reform is unavoidable. And while she opposes Mayor Nutter’s property tax hike to provide more money for schools, she says education spending has to go up.

“It is a disgrace that our schools do not have librarians, we don’t have janitors, we don’t have nurses, we don’t have counselors. So any taxes that are directed to the schools is superb and a good move,” she said.

Most importantly she says she’s ready at 74 to be an active and engaged Mayor.

(May:) “Everyone saw that moment during the debate where you collapsed on stage. Should there be any lingering questions in voters’ minds about your health?”

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“If I thought that I was unfit I would say look, this is not for me. I think that you can see by everything that you’re looking at today, and what your viewers are looking at, is that this woman is ready to lead, ready,” she said.