By Joseph Santoliquito

LAS VEGAS, NV (CBS) — This is what the world waited for? If you’ve ever seen one Floyd Mayweather fight before, you saw this one Saturday night, when Mayweather won by an easy unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Arena.

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Mayweather outlanded Pacquiao, connecting 148 times to 81 times. That was enough to win on the scorecards of judges Dave Moretti, who had it 118-110 for Mayweather, and judges Burt A. Clements and Glenn Feldman, who each had it 116-112 for Mayweather.

And based on what was seen, the demand for a rematch won’t be loud for this. The fight was completely lopsided. Mayweather used his superior size and distance in beating Pacquiao, who had his moments, especially in the fourth round.

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Other than that, if you saw one round, you saw them all. It was Mayweather stabbing at Pacquiao with the lead right hand, and counter rights.

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Somehow, Pacquiao thought he had won the fight, even though there were no signs that he did. The punch stat disparity shows why.

Pacquiao came out later and said he injured his right shoulder during training camp.

“The Pacquiao fight happened, because of me,” Mayweather said. “Pacquiao didn’t call me out, I called him out. Everyone that wrote negative stories about me, I want you to go back and clean them stories up tomorrow. I think Monday I’m going to relinquish all of the belts I won. To me, this was another day at work. I feel the same way I did when I fought my third fight as I did this fight right here. I made you guys eat your words.”

Mayweather landed 148 of 435 punches, to Pacquiao’s 81 of 429. Mayweather used the jab very well, connecting on 67 of 267, to Pacquiao’s 18 of 193, and the power shots were also owned by “Money,” who landed 81 of 168 power shots and Pacquiao connected on 63 of 236 power shots.

“It was a good fight, I thought I won the fight,” a clearly frustrated Pacquiao told Max Kellerman afterward. “He didn’t do nothing. He always ran and moved outside. I got him many times and saw his punches, and I believe I won the fight. He moves around. He didn’t stay. Let’s fight, let’s fight. I could handle his power. He’s not strong.”

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Does anyone want to see this again? Probably not, especially if they were watching boxing for the first time.