By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Despite more clouds and cooler temperatures, Thursday is not going to be a bad day; just not as stellar as yesterday.

Our forecasted high of 69 degrees is exactly what it should be for the final day of April. The “more clouds” part will be due to a couple of disturbances to the south and west. Both will sort of ‘dance’ around the Delaware Valley – a glancing blow at worst. There will be some sunshine around for today with only a slight chance of a shower later towards the evening.

Moving into tomorrow, temperatures are going to drop again, this time hanging onto the 60s for dear life. Enhanced cloud cover will be the primary culprit as the two storms come together and eventually strengthen as they move offshore. Fortunately, we expect most of the wet weather to stay to the south. The other factor in some cooler temperatures will be a northeast and thus onshore wind flow. While it will be on the breezy side inland, shore locations could become gusty at times.

Conditions begin to drastically improve in time for the weekend. Saturday will be similar today, with partly sunny skies and a few showers possible late in the day, especially inland. Sunday will be similar to Wednesday – an absolute gem. And then get ready for a taste of June to start next week!