By Paul Kurtz

By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The rough and tumble sport of rugby will be in the spotlight at PPL Park in Chester, Delaware County late this summer.

The USA Men’s Eagles will face Harlequins at PPL Park on August 30th.

Former Captain Will Skinner has moved into Harlequins front office where his goal now is to spread the gospel of rugby.

“Rugby is really developing in new territories and obviously the USA is one of these,” Skinner says. “And Harlequins want to be at the forefront of that development, and to have this game happening in August, we’re incredibly excited.”

For Harlequins, the game will be a tuneup for the start of their regular season. USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville says the stakes are higher for his team — with the start of the World Cup just over the horizon.

“It’s an important time for us,” Melville says. “It would be a critical part of our development and to play a pro team from the U.K. is a big opportunity for us to really test the guys and tune up for the big event.”

Nigel Melville & Harlequinns' Will Skinner (credit: Paul Kurtz)

Nigel Melville & Harlequinns’ Will Skinner (credit: Paul Kurtz)

USA is currently ranked 16th in the world. The Men’s Eagles last played here two years ago, losing to a team from New Zealand, but PPL Park’s Will Wister says the event was a wild success.

“They sold out the stadium completely, standing room only,” he says. “So we expect a full quick sellout.”

Tickets go on sale Monday, May 4th. Prices start at $18 and go up to $150.