6:00am- Baltimore calls for a state of emergency and enlists the National Guard in an effort to help put an end to rioting.

6:36am- What’s Trending: The creator of The Wire calls to end violence in Baltimore; Carson Daly catches grief for criticizing looters; a man dances during the Baltimore riots; a mother catches her son rioting.

6:51am- CBS3 Meteorologist Katie Fehlinger checks in to talk about today’s weather.

7:01am- Anderson Cooper addresses criticisms of media during the Baltimore riots.

7:04am- Professor Charles Gallagher from La Salle University calls in to discuss what led to protests in Baltimore and what it will take to improve relations between police officers and the community.

7:17am- CBS3 correspondent, Mike Schuh, brings us the latest news from Baltimore.

8:00am- Mike Schuh checks in again to keep us updated on Baltimore.

8:21am- Comedian Zach Woods calls Philadelphia a racist city.

8:33am- What’s Trending: NFL players took to twitter to comment on the Baltimore riots; Donald Trump blames the riots on President Obama.