PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Political pundit and columnist Eleanor Clift questioned whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be able to survive the latest accusations of impropriety that have been leveled against her in the book Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer.

Clift told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the fact that the New York Times and Washington Post are publishing related stories should be cause for concern.

“When you have these legitimate news organizations saying, ‘There might be something here, we’re going to look into them.’ I think you can’t just say these are right wingers trying to topple Hillary Clinton. I think you’ve got to deal with the information that is released.”

She questioned the Clinton’s judgment in making some certain when she joined President Obama’s cabinet.

“She did make a deal with the White House that all these large contributions would be disclosed, and that was violated. Just take that one thing, there’s something to look at. Secondly, I think if you’re an average citizen out there and you read about these huge sums of money changing hands and you read about how President Clinton speaking fees soared when she was Secretary of State…”

Ultimately, Clift thinks this might be enough to significantly damage her run for President.

“I don’t think anybody is going to find, quid pro quo, the classic definition of a favor being bought and sold, but the appearance of conflict in Washington is almost worse than actual conflict, and the appearances here are not good. And I think they’re taking a toll on her numbers.”