By Dom Giordano 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Lanny Davis, a Legal Crisis Manager, Author, attorney at Lanny J. Davis & Associates, and former White House Special Counsel for the Clinton administration, spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT midday host Dom Giordano about Hillary Clinton and what is said about her, her husband, and the Clinton Foundation in the new book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer.


“I’ve known them for over 45 years and I’ve never known one minute where they would ever do anything dishonest, or anything other than dedicated to public service.”

Davis takes contention with the claims in the book that he feels are just inferences and not facts.

“There is an inference that because money is paid to Bill Clinton for speeches and money is given to the foundation and everybody seems to agree that they do a lot of good around the world, that there’s an inference that that’s connected. That that influence is a policy decision to sell a uranium mine to a Russian company. So, that’s an inference that some people are entitled to make, as long as they know there’s no fact connecting that inference.”

While he feels that Schweizer was misleading by not stating that he has had to retract and correct statements in the past, and the conclusions that were made based off of “inferences,” Davis does his best to facts to support his case against the book’s author and the New York Times.

“The decision to sell the uranium mining company to a Russian controlled company, was made by a nine agency member board. It’s called, C.F.I.U.S , it’s a fancy term, but it basically has to approve foreign transactions that might effect our national security. Nine agencies on that board, headed by the treasury department, one representative is state, approved that sale and the state department representative said on the record not quoted by Mr. Schweizer or the New York Times, ‘I never heard from Secretary Clinton when I sat in the room and that decision was made unanimously by those nine federal agencies.”