By Justin Udo

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As part of Philly Tech Week, video gamers got a chance to do things old school.

Tuesday night’s retro gaming event gave gamers a chance to play everything from Ms. Pacman to Mortal Kombat, all on the original systems.

“Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, a lot of those games that a lot of people have experience with, but they haven’t touched in a long time. People can get together and enjoy those games like they did when they were growing up.”

Games like the original Grand Theft Auto, Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego, Sonic the Hedgehog and Castlevania.

Eleven-year-old Bernie Mattson wasn’t alive when many of these games were created, but she says they’re just as cool as what’s on the market now.

“The graphics aren’t as good as they are now,” he says, “and it’s really hard to maneuver and I’m not used to the strategy or the techniques, but it’s still fun.”

Bernie’s mom Jean says the games and the systems are very nostalgic for her but she has an ulterior motive for coming out.

“I love introducing games to kids,” she says, “because it’s a great way to get into programming and coding and building things.”

The event also let players compete against each other with winners taking home old school consoles of their own.