By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Following the Eagles’ signing of Tim Tebow, Josh Innes and Tony Bruno were joined by CBS Sports’  Pete Prisco.

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Prisco made it clear that he does not buy into the Tebow hype. “It’s mind numbing to me,” Prisco said of the way some people support Tebow. “What’s the reason they root for this kid over other kids,” Prisco asked.

Listen: Pete Prisco talks Tim Tebow with Josh Innes and Tony Bruno

“What’s the reason behind it? Because he’s a good kid? Who knows it? Nobody knows him,” Prisco argued.

“There’s Timmy again getting another great opportunity,” Prisco said imitating supporters of Tebow. “He can’t play quarterback in the National Football League. It’s an impossibility.”

Prisco laid out all the reasons why he does not believe Tebow belongs in the NFL playing quarterback.

“He can’t read the defense. He doesn’t process the information. He’s got a crappy mechanical motion.”

Prisco was asked if all that is true, why would Chip Kelly sign him.

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“Because he’s Chip Kelly. He’s arrogant,” Prisco said.

“You got to give Chip Kelly credit. He does things his own way. I like that,” Prisco explained. “[Tebow]’s going to make Matt Barkley look like Jaws in his prime. That’s how bad he is throwing the football.”

Prisco made it clear that he does not expect Tebow to be in midnight green for very long. “He won’t make the roster. It’s a non-issue,” Prisco said.

“Good for him chasing his dream, but the reality is he’s just doing a lot of chasing.”

Prisco characterized the idea of “fixing,” Tebow to be a lost cause. “He’s not fixable. I’ve had people in Denver tell me he’s not fixable. He can’t process the information.

“He’s not football smart. That much I know.”


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