By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One of the most polarizing figures in sports, Tim Tebow, received a vote of confidence from the most respected Eagles analyst there is, Ray Didinger.

One Monday morning, Didinger talked to Angelo Cataldi about the Eagles’ reported signing of Tebow.

“I am a Tim Tebow fan,” Didinger said Monday on the 94WIP Morning Show. “I think he is a terrific kid and I think he’s gonna go down as one of the great—regardless of what happens here—he’s gonna go down as one of the greatest college football players of all-time, there’s no doubt about that.”

Listen: Ray Didinger on the 94WIP Morning Show


So Didinger must think Tebow has a shot to be successful under Chip Kelly, right? Well, not quite.

“But, this idea you’re going to transform him and improve his mechanics, and take a guy that was a very inaccurate, inefficient passer, I just don’t know that that works.

“In Tim’s case when it comes to throwing habits, it’s usually a lot of bad habits.”

Overall, while Didinger admitted he was surprised, he’s OK with bringing Tebow to Philly.

“I kind of view it as—what do you got to lose?” Didinger said. “I don’t think that he’s gonna be a huge difference maker for this team, but he’s a very low risk signing.”