By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — NFL Network’s Albert Breer was a guest of Josh Innes and Tony Bruno on Monday afternoon. Breer joined the show following the Eagles signing of quarterback Tim Tebow who has not played in a regular season NFL game since 2012.

One of the early concerns of Eagles fans is the idea that Tebow will create a circus atmosphere for the Eagles that might distract the team. Breer lives in Boston and was on hand for the Tebow experiment taken on by the Patriots in 2013.

“It was a big deal at first,” Breer said of Tebow’s signing in New England. Breer explained that the Aaron Hernandez saga began around the same time and took away some of the steam from Tebow’s presence at camp.

Listen: Albert Breer talks Tim Tebow with Josh Innes and Tony Bruno

“It really wasn’t the circus I think a lot of people envisioned it being.”

Distractions aside, Breer shared his thoughts on Tebow’s chances to stick with the Eagles beyond off-season programs and training camp and into the regular season.

“I think he’s a long shot to make the roster like everybody else,” said Breer. “I think there are three strikes against him. The first strike, generally coaches want their backup quarterback to look like the starter so you don’t have to flip things upside down if the starter goes down.”

Breer went on to explain strike two. “Generally your third string quarterback has to run the scout team.”

Strike three against Tebow according to Breer: “When you look at the third string quarterback, he’s what, the 40th, 45th guy on your roster. Well almost always those guys are nobodies who just kind of go about their business.”

Despite the odds Breer is giving to Tebow to make the Eagles, he sees that Tebow has worked for this chance.

“I can tell you he’s put in a ton of work and this may be a circus for the rest of us, but it’s not to him and he’s put himself in a position to give himself the best chance.”

There has also been speculation that a change may be coming to the extra point rule in the NFL which will move it up to the one-yard line therefore giving someone like Tebow a consistent role with a team in terms of goal line opportunities.

“Is that worth a roster spot is the question,” Breer said in regards to signing Tebow for two-point conversion attempts. “Would you be going for two often enough that it would really be worth it?”

Eagles fans will now sit back and watch to see if the signing of Tebow is worth the hype.