3:00 ESPN has suspended Britt McHenry for a tirade against a parking lot attendant.

3:45 Rich talks to Cora Currier from the Intercept about the Government starting to tell some people, but not everyone, that they are on the no fly list.

4:00 A Texas waiter was fired after classifying guests as ‘5 Black Guys’ on their receipt.

4:04 A former Sea World employee who participated in a movie critical of them has apologized for using racist slurs in a video.

4:20 Rich and Greg run down the week in music.

4:33 US Antitrust lawyers appear to be leaning against approval of the Comcast/Time Warner merger.

4:36 Rich talks to Greg Conley, and advocate for vaping, about a CDC report advocating raising taxes on e-cigarettes.

4:48 ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry may have a history of being as rude as she appears on the security camera video.

4:50 White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama would veto any significant changes to the bipartisan Senate bill passed on the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

5:01 A consulate in Iraq has been the target of an attack from ISIS.

5:04 A baggage handler fell asleep and was trapped inside a plane after it took off.

5:06 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq war should not disqualify her from being their party’s nominee for President in 2016.

5:10 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Jeb Bush’s campaign for President is slowing down.

5:12 A woman stabbed a man with a pen for snoring on a flight.

5:20 Rich talks with bio-ethicist Art Caplan about the fight over Sofia Vergara’s embryos.