PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Eyewitness News has learned a woman lost her leg after being intentionally struck by a car in Philadelphia Friday afternoon. Police say the dispute began over a long-standing feud over a mutual love interest.

While police were investigating the hit and run, a fire broke out inside of the victim’s home.

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The hit and run happened shortly after 2 p.m. in the 4400 block of N. 17th Street.

According to investigators, there was some sort of altercation between 24-year-old Beatrice Spence and another individual.

Police say while the women were arguing, the female jumped in an SUV and struck Spence, reportedly pinning her against the porch.

Her cousin, who did not want to be appear on camera, says, “She rammed my cousin into the gate and that’s when she backed up.”

Family members tell Eyewitness News the driver backed up and appeared to be ready to strike again, when Spence’s grandmother stepped in front of the SUV.

The driver then fled the scene. Surveillance video shows the white SUV suffered front end damage.

Witnesses say when paramedic’s arrived, the victim’s leg was barely attached at the knee.

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Jayson Massey says, “She was just out. Her mom got her to come to, and when she did was in serious shock.”

Investigators say Spence was rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center where she underwent surgery.

A neighbor says, “This is a catastrophe.” Another exclaims, “She ran her over, she ran her over!”

Police are continuing to search for the driver, who they say is a known doer.

Shortly after the hit and run, several occupants Spence’s home ran outside to see what happened. Police say they went with the victim to the hospital and left a pot on the stove and a fire broke out inside the home.

Smoke and flames severely damaged their house and the one next door.

A friend of the victim, Ruby Fields says, “She could have had kids. This is horrible. I wouldn’t wish this on someone’s worst enemy.”

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The search for the hit and run driver continues.