By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are growing concerns and frustration among family and neighbors as to why the driver of a deadly hit and run in Southwest Philadelphia has not been arrested.

Graphic surveillance video, which we are not showing, captures the moment little four-year-old Latif Wilson was run over.

“He had his whole life ahead of him,” says a neighbor.

Neighbors are upset the suspected female driver, who fled, has not been charged.

Police indicate a lawyer claiming to represent her has been in contact with authorities.

Enis Archer, a neighbor, says, “She was quick to get a lawyer, but she wasn’t quick to stop and help a child. That’s not right.”

Six-thirty Monday night the driver of the Ford Edge hit Wilson as he darted out on to S. 57th street in the Kingsessing neighborhood.

Witnesses say the driver stopped briefly, and as the boy was lying near her tire she drove away, running the four-year-old over.

Lester Batson, a neighbor, says, “I think it’s appalling. What if happened to your child? You would want them to stop.”

After speaking with the suspected driver’s lawyer, police recovered the SUV in a parking garage near Love Park.

Sources indicate progress is being made in the investigation, and that police are working to gather more evidence before the case goes any further. But people who were used to seeing little Latif play in this neighborhood are running out of patience.

Zakae Razzaq says, “Just turn yourself in. You just took somebody’s child.”

On a growing memorial there is a sign by the family thanking neighbors for their support.

Off camera a family member tells Eyewitness News Abdul’s mom, who has two other boys, is heartbroken.