By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Bend your knees, breath deeply, rise and repeat 50 times. Now, reach your arms up over your head – 40 reps of that. Grab this bar with both hands, reach forward and pull back a few hundred times. Switch equipment, and swing your arms side to side while walking swiftly for 10 minutes.

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Do these exercises while breathing fresh air instead of inside a sweaty gym! Soak up sunshine as you work out to help your body make Vitamin D for strong bones! This head-to-toe, get-in-shape-for-summer program has no membership fees and you don’t have to drive to the health club.

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Digging. Planting. Pruning. Weeding. Raking. Sweeping.

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If you want to reduce stress, sleep better at night, stop your upper arms from jiggling, and enjoy other important tone-ups for swimsuit season, why not get some great exercise this spring by getting out in the garden?