By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Bend your knees, breath deeply, rise and repeat 50 times. Now, reach your arms up over your head – 40 reps of that. Grab this bar with both hands, reach forward and pull back a few hundred times. Switch equipment, and swing your arms side to side while walking swiftly for 10 minutes.

Do these exercises while breathing fresh air instead of inside a sweaty gym! Soak up sunshine as you work out to help your body make Vitamin D for strong bones! This head-to-toe, get-in-shape-for-summer program has no membership fees and you don’t have to drive to the health club.

Digging. Planting. Pruning. Weeding. Raking. Sweeping.

If you want to reduce stress, sleep better at night, stop your upper arms from jiggling, and enjoy other important tone-ups for swimsuit season, why not get some great exercise this spring by getting out in the garden?