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Did you know…that when Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis is not playing basketball, or in the kitchen cooking up some good eats, he raps?

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Go figure.

The Clippers’ center actually has a song out there, titled: ‘Big Baby Turn It Up.’

“I be bumping my song—‘Big Baby Turn It Up’—that’s a song I made, it’s pretty cool,” Davis said. “It’s kind of an upbeat song.”

While Davis isn’t about to become the next big thing in the rap industry, those that have been are the ones that have influenced his taste in music.

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“You got Biggie (Smalls), what he rapped about and how he looked at the world is kind of how I relate to things too,” Davis said. “You got the Jay-Z’s of the world that make something out of nothing…so it’s always good to hear guys like that who express their path.”

Davis also noted its things like that that shape what he looks for in music.

“My taste in music, what I look for, is I can relate to it,” Davis said. “You can hear things that you’ve been through and the artists might rap about the same things or express their feelings about the same things you’ve been through…you tend to like it because you understand it. That’s where I get my taste of music from.”

Right now, Davis said his favorite song is Crazy by Boosie Badazz, who happens to be from Davis’ hometown of Baton Rouge, La.

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