3:00 The federal government has been secretly tracking billions of phone calls for decades.

3:33 Rich talks to Ronica Cleary,a reporter for Chasing on FOX 29, who attended High School with Michael Slager, the police officer in South Carolina who killed Walter Scott.

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3:52 The crew on Morning Joe asks why the second officer doesn’t do more to stop the killing of Walter Scott.

4:00 Rich talks to Dr. Mazz about the controversy surrounding a woman’s request to find kidney donor.

4:33 Rich speaks with Dr. Michael Smith, Associate Professor of Communication at La Salle University, about Comcast’s complaints about the DirecTV commercials featuring Rob Lowe.

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4:49 The victims of the Fort Hood shooting will receive Purple Hearts tomorrow.

4:55 The University of Michigan has reversed their decision that canceled a screening of American Sniper.

5:01 New Jersey has suspended the liquor license of a Point Pleasant bar for over serving a patron who was later involved in an accident.

5:26 As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton took no action to prevent labor violations from a company in Columbia that made donations to the Clinton Global Initiative.

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5:38 Clorox apologized and deleted a post on Twitter they sent out earlier today.