By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The latest hearing on the subject suggests supporters of legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania have their work cut out in the State House.

Indications are that support for medical marijuana is strong in the state Senate, but members of the House seem less enthusiastic.

After a lengthy hearing Wednesday during which members of law enforcement stressed the need for strict regulatory control if it is legalized, Republican Matt Baker – chairman of the House Health Committee – said he’s still not sold on medical marijuana:

“I am very cynical and skeptical about moving forward with this. And I think there are a lot of unresolved issues, and when you talk with the medical groups and the scientific community, they’re very, very concerned about us putting on white coats and trying to play doctor here.”

The House Health and Judiciary Committees have at least one more hearing on medical marijuana scheduled. It appears that if the House eventually does pass a bill, it is not likely to be as far-reaching as what’s likely to come out of the Senate.